About the Project

Chuck Standish from Audio Digest Foundation speaks about his experience with Westlake Pro:

Founded in 1952, Audio Digest Foundation is a medical education publishing company that produces audio education programs that help physicians and other healthcare professionals meet national and other licensing and certification standards for professional development. Audio Digest Foundation is a Learner‰’s Digest International business and a division of Wolters Kluwer Health LRP.

Audio Digest maintains an onsite, state-of-the-art recording studio for our programs that require Interview Sessions with medical professionals across the country and around the globe. To ensure optimal recording and production capabilities, this upgrade required replacing legacy Digidesign 192s that had been in service since 1997 with new AVID Hardware and PCi-e HDX cards. We required two AVID 8x8x8 Hardware I/O‰’s with HDX cards and one AVID 8x8x8 native system for our system to replace our Digidesign 192s.

I went to Westlake Pro and met Richard Bradford who let me know that Westlake Pro had the products and services to support high end audio. Reb provided insight into the AVID upgrade process as well as confirmed we were making the correct purchase choice for our needs.

It‰’s imperative to have Reb available as our organization requires us to maintain a quality product for our customers needs. This new hardware, and keeping up with current versions of audio restoration and mastering software, help us achieve our goals.

We required installation efforts as well which Westlake Pro provided. The control room requirements were to remove the old blue face Digidesign 192s and then install and configure the room with new AVID hardware and HDX PCI-e cards. Two mastering suites at Audio Digest studios in Glendale were also upgraded. These systems were installed seamlessly to maintain workflow by Westlake Pro Audio‰’s Chief Technical Officer, Jonathan Deans and three other Westlake techs.

We have been relying on Westlake Pro for a number of years for our hardware and software needs. The installation went well and I would highly recommend Westlake Pro to any company or individual in need of sales or installation.‰