About the Project

When Snoop Dogg wanted to build his own studio complex in Inglewood, CA, his longtime friend and collaborator DJ Pooh knew exactly who to call: Westlake Pro!

Snoop wanted the halls and the studios to convey the experience of being aboard a spaceship. Westlake Pro’s Sales Consultant Chris Young and CTO, Jonathan Deans, worked closely with Snoop and DJ Pooh on the design, project management, wiring, and equipment integration. “In the time of studios disappearing and shrinking, it was fun to help build a large facility again.” Says Young, “Snoop’s team made sure his vision was carried out and we helped create one of the best multi-room studios in Los Angeles.

The two main rooms at Beach City Music, The Compound are called Mothership and Battleship. Each is equipped with both vintage and modern equipment, Augspurger mains, and Focal SM9 midfield monitors. There are several additional rooms, including isolation booths, live recording rooms, and video production rooms.

The centerpiece of the Mothership studio is a Zaor desk housing a 64-channel Neve Genesys Black console. The desk has workstations that allow producers to plug into the main system, giving them power to work on their own material until it’s ready to send to the Neve console for processing.

Battleship is also built around a custom Zaor workstation, as well as a Slate Digital Z3 Raven touchscreen for Pro Tools control. Battleship has two workstations in the back of the room that allow producers to connect laptops, synthesizers, or other instruments.

“It was great to have Westlake Pro in the house. I had a vision and they knocked it out of the park.” – Snoop Dogg

“It’s been a pleasure working with these guys. When all the studios were wired, we tested every wire in the studio. I think 1 wire might have been off out of thousands and thousands of wires. That’s a testament to the work they do. I’ve never seen that quality of work. These guys guarantee the work they do.” – DJ Pooh