We asked Trip Brock, Founder, Supervising Sound Editor, Re-Recording Mixer of Monkeyland Audio, to tell us about his experience working with Westlake Pro. Here is what he had to say:

We started the company in the mid 90s right at the onset of early versions of Pro Tools. We are a post-audio and editorial company, but also do ADR and foley work. We were one of the early adopters of mixing in the box (or in the computer). We are a small boutique company, but we see ourselves as a high quality audio company who stays current with the latest gear.

This is why we reached out to Westlake Pro. We needed a Dolby Atmos system, so we reached out to Stephen Bannister (Enterprise Sales) for help. All of the equipment in our facility including all of our Pro Tools gear, speaker systems, amps, pretty much everything was purchased through Westlake Pro.

Stephen helped with upgrading our facility with two new Avid S6 Control Consoles, which changed and improved our workflow. We now have greater ease with recall when having different engineers using the same console. Stephen also helped us with our Dolby Atmos system which are all JBL speakers. We have 30 channels of speakers and subwoofers.

Before, we would always shop around, but the relationship with Westlake has made it so much easier. We know the prices are fair, they know the gear, and they can help us get to the bottom of the specifications that we need. Me, or my technicians, feel like we can call Stephen because he is great for giving us input and help us with potential new gear.

Stephan Bannister just makes things easy for us.