About the Project

Musicians Institute is a private college of contemporary music offering various educational programs for independent artists and record label executives. It has a number of notable graduates including Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Paul Gilbert from Mr. Big and Racer X, Kevin Hastings playing for Rihanna and Jay-Z, and much more.


Studio A- Westlake Pro Design Group took a Decommission SSL 4000 and replaced it with SSL Duality Console as well as integrated patchbay and outboard gear and upgraded Studio A‰’s Protool systems.
Studio C- Westlake Pro provided API, 64 Channel 1608 Console, Sterling Modular Desk, Decommission Neve Console and updated with the API Console. These changes all revamped the Musician‰’s Institute Studio C.
Studio F- Westlake Pro Design Group designed, built, and integrated a new studio in a learning facility incorporating Euphonix Fusion Console, Quested Monitors, Genelac Monitors, and AP Board Equipment.

‰”Westlake Pro‰’s exceptional technical expertise, meticulous planning, and reputation made them the obvious choice.‰”
-Jose Ferro, Executive Vice President, Musicians Institute