About Pensado’s Place Media Center

Pensado’s Place is a one-hour video program that provides a rare opportunity for audio professionals of all levels to learn from and interact with Dave’s stellar roster of guests. The show is broken into multiple segments, including industry news, interviews and “Into The Lair,” in which Dave shares his mixing secrets, as well as his favorite equipment and plug-ins.

Pensado’s Place is directed by Westlake Pro CTO Jonathan Deans. Jonathan also designed and led the integration team at the Media Center. Said executive producer and co-host of Pensado’s Place, Herb Trawick, “Dave Pensado and I could not be more thrilled about the Pensado Media Center. Westlake Pro had the foresight and wherewithal to create something that will be great for their partners as well as us. After 5 years of being nomadic and shooting all over Los Angeles, it is amazing to have a home. And quite a home it is!”

Excerpts from Forbes.com article, “How Pensado’s Place Went From YouTube Success To Multimedia Powerhouse – And Why it Matters”

“Indeed, the Pensado Media Center, built in conjunction with Westlake Pro, offers the duo an in-house means of shooting high-definition productions, of securing bandwidth for streaming/broadcasting content across various platforms, as well as the ability to hold seminars and master classes, all while housing an art gallery and a library to boot—a place “where people in audio can come up, learn, read, put their feet up and so forth,” as Herb told me.

“I would say out here in California, almost all of the [schools] have them,” Joe Taupier, President of Westlake Pro told me, referring to audio engineering programs in the Los Angeles area.

George Adjieff, Westlake’s CEO chimed in: “Emerson College just moved out here from Boston to have a place in Hollywood, right by Musician’s Institute…There’s an SAE, there’s Los Angeles Recording School out here, and then there’s a number of smaller ones, so they seem to be doing well.”

The mentioning of Westlake Pro at this moment leads us to another point: a business such as Westlake Pro, which helped coordinate the Pensado Media Center, is in a state of growth. Other audio-centric brick-and-mortar retailers are growing as well.
Yet the more mainstream chains—the people we historically expected to demolish the little guys—are palpably not.”

-Nick Messitte, Contributor, Forbes.com